Yash reacts to fans who died on his birthday, promises aid to their families: ‘We cannot bring back the dead’

Yash reacts to fans who died on his birthday, promises aid to their families: ‘We cannot bring back the dead’

KGF fame actor Yash urged fans to refrain from hanging banners, chasing bikes and clicking dangerous selfies, after the death of his three electrocuted fans. Talking to the media, the actor also promised to extend financial help to the families who lost their loved ones after visiting them. Yash celebrated his 38th birthday on Monday. Also read: Yash on his way to meet kin of 3 fans who got electrocuted while putting up birthday banners

Yash talks about death of his fans on his birthday.

Yash reacts to death of his fans

After visiting the bereaved families, Yash told the media, “If you wish me wholeheartedly, from wherever you are, that is the best gesture for me. Tragic incidents like these make me fear my own birthday. This is not how you show fandom.”

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“Please don’t show your love like this. I want to request you all. Don’t hang banners, don’t do bike chases and take dangerous selfies; my intention is for all of my audience and fans is to grow in life as I do. If you are a true fan of mine, then do your work diligently, dedicate your life to yourself and be happy and successful. You are the ones who mean everything to your families, you should aim to make them proud.”

Three of Yash’s fans got electrocuted while putting up birthday banners on his 38th birthday in Surangi, Karnataka. The deceased persons have been identified as Hanamanta Harijan (21), Murali Nadavinamani (20), Naveen Ghazi (19). Three more were seriously injured and were admitted to Lakshmeshwar Hospital for treatment.

Yash to fans: Be responsible first

“I don’t like to demonstrate popularity by exhibiting the love of my fans. I will always keep the showcasing to a minimum, even if my fans are upset about it. But my intention is not to disappoint anyone. If you respect me, then be responsible first. Parents are waiting for you at home. It is not about monetary support that one can extend, but we can not bring back the dead,” the KGF star further added.

Yash had previously told fans via a post on X that he would not be able to meet fans on his birthday as he would be away. Revealing the real reason why he didn’t want to celebrate his special day in the first day, the actor said, “This year, I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday because COVID cases are rising. There shouldn’t be any harm from our end. That’s why I kept it simple and decided to celebrate only with my family.”

When he was asked if he would provide financial support to the affected families, Yash said he would.

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