xQc breaks silence after YouTube channel termination over copyright issues

xQc breaks silence after YouTube channel termination over copyright issues

Canadian streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel has finally addressed his YouTube channel termination over copyright infringement. In a recent livestream, the 28-year-old former pro gamer said that he is “financially not mad about it” citing that it was always meant for “people.” xQc is not a stranger to controversies and often gets struck with copyright strikes. More recently, he has faced major backlash for “appropriating content” for his YouTube reaction videos. For this, he has faced multiple copyright strikes across various YouTube channels.

xQc breaks silence after his YouTube account gets terminated(Instagram/ xQc)

In light of the recent bans, xQc refrained from posting videos on his primary YouTube channel to prevent it from getting terminated. However, despite his efforts, xQc’s main YouTube channel is no longer accessible as the search results say, “This page is not available.” The news first broke after a fan shared a screenshot along with the message that the streamer’s account had been “terminated” on X, formerly Twitter.

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xQc seemed confused over the situation and told his livestream audience that he believes his YouTube account was “auto-terminated” due to pending counterclaims on copyright strikes not being processed in time. “I think it’s because, like basically I think some, what the strikes were going to kick in, then I had like a counterclaim, and then it just, it didn’t kick in in time or something like that, and it’s auto-termination, but it gets, it comes back up,” xQc said.

Despite his account removal, xQc seemed positive and explained to his fans that he is not concerned about the monetary value that his now-terminated account holds. He said, “YouTube is for people, I don’t care what the amount of money it makes… It sucks that we lose it for now because people don’t get their content, right? But revenue-wise, I haven’t looked twice at it.”

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