World’s top 10 highest-paid entertainers of 2022 – Who raked in the big bucks?

World’s top 10 highest-paid entertainers of 2022 – Who raked in the big bucks?

In a world where entertainment reigns supreme, the top 10 highest-paid entertainers of 2022 have emerged, flaunting their impressive fortunes. From music legends to Hollywood icons, these individuals have amassed mind-boggling sums, solidifying their status as money-making powerhouses. Let’s delve into the lives and earnings of these entertainment moguls.

FILE – Taylor Swift performs during the opener of her Eras tour in Glendale, Ariz., on March 17, 2023. Swift’s “Karma” is one of AP’s contenders for song of the summer. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis, File)(AP)

Genesis – $230 million:

The pioneers of progressive rock cashed in on a $300 million music rights sale, including Phil Collins’ solo works. Touring and recorded music royalties contributed to their impressive earnings.

Sting – $210 million:

The former Police frontman pocketed a staggering $300 million by selling his entire musical catalog, solo and with the band, to Universal Music Group. With hits like “Every Breath You Take,” his catalog is highly sought after.

Tyler Perry – $175 million:

A multi-talented mogul, Perry enjoyed another lucrative year with income from film, TV shows on BET, and his massive production backlot in Atlanta. He is the list’s sole billionaire, with an estimated $1 billion fortune.

Trey Parker & Matt Stone – $160 million:

The irreverent creators of South Park had a lucrative year with a legacy HBO Max deal and the success of their comedic musical, Book of Mormon.

James L. Brooks & Matt Groening – $105 million:

The masterminds behind The Simpsons reaped the benefits of a streaming deal with Disney+, earning a reported $105 million annually.

Brad Pitt – $100 million:

Pitt’s majority sale of his production company, Plan B, earned him an estimated $113 million. The company’s success, including producing Oscar-winning films, added to his income.

Rolling Stones – $98 million:

The legendary British rockers continue to rock the stage and rake in the cash. Their 15-city European tour grossed over $136 million, contributing to their hefty earnings.

James Cameron – $95 million:

Cameron’s success with Avatar: The Way of Water, along with his previous blockbusters, earned him a cool $95 million. His deals are said to include bonuses tied to box office performance.

Taylor Swift – $92 million:

Swift’s combined income from record sales, streaming, licensing, and sync deals has made her one of the highest-earning artists. Her sold-out Midnights tour suggests even bigger things ahead.

Bad Bunny – $88 million:

This Puerto Rican rapper broke boundaries with his unique style and two successful tours. Endorsements with major brands like Corona and Adidas added to his impressive earnings.

While the entertainment industry witnessed rock legends securing massive deals for their catalogs and established stars enjoying consistent success, rising star Bad Bunny made an impressive entry onto the list. The top 10 earners of the year collectively amassed $1.35 billion, demonstrating the wide range of income sources available in the entertainment world.

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