UFC fighter Dillon Danis warns X CEO Elon Musk: Intense hype post Shadowban

UFC fighter Dillon Danis warns X CEO Elon Musk: Intense hype post Shadowban

Dillon Danis takes his shot at X by directing his attention beyond the Paul Brothers for a change. The American MMA fighter took aim at Elon Musk, CEO of X, for his alleged shadow banning on the platform.

Dillon Danis Challenges X CEO Elon Musk Amid Fight Tensions Over Logan Paul’s Fiancée(Twitter . X)

Danis had gained substantial traction on the site, notably due to the buzz around his upcoming fight with Logan Paul scheduled for the PRIME card in October. Danis has been actively promoting the match, targeting Logan Paul and his family, particularly Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal.

Despite a previous withdrawal from a fight against KSI due to injury concerns, Danis appears fully committed to defeating Logan Paul both inside and outside the ring.

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His verbal assaults on Paul’s family were so personal that they nearly led Paul to reconsider the fight, even sending a legal notice to Danis.

However, as Danis faced a shadowban on X, his engagement levels declined. Once the shadowban was lifted, the Jiu-Jitsu black belt used the platform to call out Elon Musk.

Danis expressed, “@elonmusk, this situation is escalating. I’m currently the top account on your platform. You acquired this app to uphold freedom of speech. If I’m shadowbanned again, I’ll train Zuck to defeat you.”

Danis’s approach of targeting Nina Agdal’s past aims to unsettle Logan Paul in the lead-up to their fight. Danis previously shared images of Agdal with other men, engaging in nudity, and kissing others, alluding to implications about their relationship.

This strategy, of discrediting the Danish model, Agdal, and casting doubts on their impending marriage, has proven effective for Danis. It not only seems to be getting under Paul’s skin but also boosting Danis’s engagement with X significantly.

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Logan Paul’s reputation took a hit due to a cryptocurrency scam exposed this year, and the ongoing social media assault by Danis will likely intensify crowd animosity towards him in October.

The pressure now rests squarely on Logan Paul’s shoulders. He must perform well in the upcoming fight and secure his first competitive boxing victory.

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