Subway shocker: Georgia woman gets a ,112 bill for a  bill sandwich, she tipped for…

Subway shocker: Georgia woman gets a $7,112 bill for a $7 bill sandwich, she tipped for…

A Subway visit became a startling experience for a Georgia woman seeking an affordable meal. She didn’t realize she had unintentionally paid about 100 times the normal amount for a Subway sandwich and, therefore had to endure a difficult and drawn-out process to make up for the loss of money. Here is what unfolded.

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Woman’s $7 sandwich turns into a $7,000 expense

When Vera Conner, a Georgia resident, placed her order on October 23, she expected to pay a reasonable $7.54 for her typical Italian sub. She was surprised to find an unexpected $7,105.44 tip included with her usual sandwich, which included salami, pepperoni, and ham. Upon carefully reviewing the bill and running repeated calculations, she discovered that the payment amount matched the final six digits of her phone number.

Speaking to NBC news, Vera said “When I looked at my receipt, I was like ‘oh my God! I thought this number looks familiar, it was the last six numbers of my phone number. Who would leave a tip like that?”

Vera said that when she entered her phone number to make sure she got her Subway loyalty points, the screen changed and turned the amount into a tip. Connor speculates that she might have made a mistake when entering her phone number into the Subway loyalty program card machine. What’s even more interesting is that Connor didn’t know what had happened until she noticed this big mistake after going through the receipt.

Conner reported that in order to fix the problem, she called her bank, the Subway store, and even went in person to the sandwich restaurant. Her tension further escalated when she received a bank denial over the complaints filed. “I thought it would be an easy fix … then I got the denial from the bank, That’s when I started worrying.”

The manager at Subway told her that her bank would have to handle the situation. Later, Bank of America announced that the refund request was denied and that it was necessary to submit it again since the actual amount of the sandwich was still pending.

Conner’s situation eased after a week-long battle when she was eventually granted a “temporary credit” for the charge. “You hear all the time that you should use your credit card instead of your debit card so that these things don’t happen, I’m even getting mad at the bank because I’m like how did they not think $7,000 was suspicious at Subway?”

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