Streamer IShowSpeed announces meet-and-greet event at the O2 in London, all you need to know

Streamer IShowSpeed announces meet-and-greet event at the O2 in London, all you need to know

YouTube sensation Darren Watkins Jr., famously recognized as IShowSpeed, is preparing to host his maiden in-person live event. This signifies a significant milestone since the widely followed streamer has never previously organized a formal meet-and-greet and always interacted with his fans online.

IShowSpeed’s London debut: Get ready for an unforgettable in-person experience! Kevin Winter/Getty Images/AFP (Photo by KEVIN WINTER / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)(Getty Images via AFP)

Fans are filled with excitement as they await his public gathering scheduled for November 5, 2023.

This unique event is set to unfold at the O2, situated in London. The 2,750-capacity live music club is well-known for accommodating smaller music performances, club events, after-parties, corporate functions, and private gatherings.

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IShowSpeed fans can expect a splendid time, given his decision to host this in-person extravaganza. Details regarding the tickets are yet to be released, but the official website,, has revealed that a pre-sale for tickets will kick off on October 11, followed by a general ticket sale on October 13.

To access the pre-sale, attendees are required to register using their names and email addresses before the pre-sale date. The registration cutoff has been set for 11 a.m. on Tuesday, October 10.

As for ticket pricing, IShowSpeed has given a teaser, hinting that they will range between “$1” and “5 bucks.” Nevertheless, with the streamer’s substantial fan base, even in the UK, the entire arena is anticipated to sell out rapidly.

The announcement of the live show was made during his recent YouTube stream on October 5. IShowSpeed conveyed his excitement about this inaugural meet-and-greet event, stating, “Nobody ever done before.”

However, before he treads on his London show next month his fans would remember his last trip to the city when he was left shocked realising the Queen is dead months after Queen Elizabeth II passed away. ‘Where is the Queen’ he asked some kids at the Buckingham Palace, to which they responded, ‘she’s dead’. ‘Nooo’, IshowSpeed shouted in utter disbelief.

With Speed’s recent announcements regarding his live tour, the wait is almost over until fans uncover what he discovers during his second live tour to England.

It is called the Speed ‘LIVE, live’ Show. November 5th, at the venue Indigo at the O2. So basically, chat, I don’t wanna give out too many details on what I’m be doing, but it’s new. I think it’s a good idea. All Imma say is I’m doing a Live show.”

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He further mentioned, “Chat, it’s nothing but 5 bucks if you wanna go or a dollar, if you know what I’m saying. A dollar to 5 bucks. Literally like, a dollar. It’s at the Indigo at the O2. Mods. post a link in the chat. ‘What is that mean?’ Don’t worry what that means. Just know that it is a live, live, bro.”

The official event poster highlights the term “Live” twice, suggesting the possibility that the streamer might be livestreaming directly from the stage, offering a live experience to both the in-person audience and online viewers.

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