‘Shoes ruined it,’ fans criticise Kylie Jenner over unusual white latex dress she wore in Paris

‘Shoes ruined it,’ fans criticise Kylie Jenner over unusual white latex dress she wore in Paris

Kardashian fans have mocked Kylie Jenner for her experimental fashion choice after the 26-year-old shared photos of herself in an outfit that the general public seemed not to like. In a series of photos on Instagram, Kylie was seen donning awhite latex dress with a boat neck.

In a series of photos on Instagram, Kylie Jenner was seen donning a white latex dress with a boat neck (kyliejenner/Instagram)

Kylie paired the dress with white open-toe boot heels, and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She reportedly wore the dress while she was in Paris, France.

Instagram users were quick to troll Kylie for her outfit, with one user saying, “don’t make these shoes a thing”. “Id look so stupid wearing this,” one user said, while another wrote, “Them shoes ruined it”. “don’t make the whole outfit a thing. Not her best look,” one user said.

However, this is not to say that all the comments on her photos were negative. Some fans appreciated her outfit, calling her “Goddess” and “legend.”


When Kylie Jenner was slammed for her ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ outfit

This is not the first time Kylie has been mocked for her choice of clothes. In January this year, she was criticised for wearing a ‘lion dress’ at theParis Fashion Week. Kylie attached a fake cut-off lion head to her black strapless dress at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show. The head, which looked extremely real, was sewn onto the bodice of her dress.

“BEAUTY AND THE BEAST,” she captioned photos of herself wearing the outfit, adding, “thank you @danielroseberry and @schiaparelli for such a special morning. wow i loved wearing this faux art creation constructed by hand using manmade materials. beautiful beautiful”.

Kylie quickly became the centre of a controversy for “promoting animal hunting/abuse,” as one of the comments on her Instagram post pointed.

“This Is disturbing and looks like you are encouraging game hunting of these majestic animals . Not a fan at all of this collection . This isn’t art,” one Instagram user said at the time, while another wrote, “Promoting animals as fashion, tasteless”. “animals are not accessories,” one user said.

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