Seattle cinemas haunted by classics: Halloween weekend spooks up local theatres!

Seattle cinemas haunted by classics: Halloween weekend spooks up local theatres!

Halloween has arrived in full swing, and the Puget Sound region is embracing the spooky spirit with a variety of thrilling events and movie screenings to get everyone in the holiday mood. Whether you’re into classic horror films or looking for the latest spine-chilling releases, the Seattle area has something for every cinephile and Halloween enthusiast.

A shaft of light hits pumpkins carved to mark Halloween outside a home on Clarkson Street on Friday, Oct. 27, 2023, in Denver.(AP)

Catch horror classics in nearby theatres

For those who crave classic horror, local indie theatres are offering a frightfully good time. Just north of Seattle, the McMenamins Anderson School Theater in Bothell is showcasing “Little Shop of Horrors,” Frank Oz’s darkly comedic musical, while The Edmonds Theater invites you to step back in time with the 1941 classic “The Wolf Man.”

Seattle’s own Beacon Theater in Columbia City is resurrecting the original “The Exorcist” for those who prefer the original scares. Meanwhile, the Grand Illusion Cinema is doubling down on horror with showings of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and the surreal Japanese classic “Hausu” from 1977. The ’80s horror flick “Suitable Flesh” is also on the menu at the Grand Illusion.

Central Cinema is not holding back with perennial Halloween favorites “The Lost Boys” and “Hocus Pocus,” perfect for those who want to relive the magic and mayhem of the holiday season.

And if you’re in the mood for something a little different, SIFF Cinema Egyptian and Uptown have you covered with a lineup that includes the atmospheric “Carnival of Souls,” the iconic “Bride of Frankenstein,” the Korean zombie thriller “Train to Busan,” and Francis Ford Coppola’s visually stunning “Dracula.”

For those who prefer a family-friendly Halloween movie, AMC Pacific Place 11 is screening Tim Burton’s holiday classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” making it a perfect start to the holiday season.

Get a taste of new horror films

But the Halloween spirit doesn’t stop at the classics. There’s a plethora of new horror and thriller films to explore, both in theatres and on streaming platforms.

In theatres, “Five Nights at Freddy’s” promises a thrilling adaptation of the popular video game series, offering scares and secrets at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. “The Exorcist: Believer” marks the iconic franchise’s return, taking audiences on a supernatural journey with Ellen Burstyn reprising her role. “Saw X” offers a mind-bending experience as John Kramer sets deranged traps for con artists. And “The Killer,” directed by David Fincher, follows an international assassin, promising intrigue and suspense.

If staying in is your jam, then you can catch these movies on OTT platforms

On Netflix, “Fair Play” combines psychosexual tension and corporate drama, while “The Fall of the House of Usher,” created by Mike Flanagan, explores a family facing their dark past in a series inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s work.

Hulu presents “Skinamarink,” a powerful, visually striking thriller about the fear and powerlessness of childhood. “Infinity Pool” by Brandon Cronenberg takes viewers on a surreal journey through hedonistic tourism.

And on HBO Max, “Barbarian” delves into the unsettling consequences of an Airbnb visit gone wrong, while “The Menu” offers a unique dining experience you won’t soon forget.

With so many options to choose from, this Halloween season in Seattle promises to be a thrilling cinematic journey that caters to all tastes.

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