Sayantika Banerjee harassed by choreographer on Bangladesh shoot: ‘He held my hand, I stopped him…’

Sayantika Banerjee harassed by choreographer on Bangladesh shoot: ‘He held my hand, I stopped him…’

Bengali actor and Trinamool Congress leader Sayantika Banerjee recently confirmed reports of harassment in Bangladesh, where she had gone for a shoot. While reports claim that she returned to Kolkata suddenly, without finishing her work, Sayantika denied being unprofessional. Talking about facing problems on the sets, she said it was the choreographer Michael who misbehaved with her. She also said that she received no help from the film producer. Also read: Abir Chatterjee says ‘I have no problem with anyone calling me a Bengali actor’

Politician, actor Sayantika Banerjee returned to Kolkata after harassment in Bangladesh.

Sayantika Banerjee’s Bangladesh shoot

After a Bangladeshi media outlet reported about Sayantika’s ordeal with the choreographer, the actor broke her silence. She told Anandabazar Online that her problems started elsewhere and she faced harassment due to mismanagement by the producer. She said, “Initially, a teacher came for the dance shooting but he left because of monetary issues. Then the young boy called Michael came.” “Michael, without my consent, held my hand and I stopped him in front of everyone,” she added.

Sayantika was filming for her film Chayabaj. Directed by Taju Kamrul, the film is the first production of Manirul Islam. It also stars Jayed Khan.

Sayantika Banerjee on harassment

She also refuted allegations of not completing the shoot. “I am a professional artist and can’t think of doing such things.” “Time and again, I tried to contact the producer regarding some technical issues but did not get any response. He has no planning and no management. We were suddenly told that a dance sequence would be shot. When Manirul did not respond after being called many times, I said that I would not work with Michael like this,” added Sayantika. She said she waited for two days in Cox’s Bazar before returning to India, to hear from the producer, however, received no solution.

Sayantika also claimed that the producer told her she had to work with the same choreographer for the film. She now says she might resume the film if given proper details regarding the shoot, screenplay and more. While it’s not known if Sayantika will be seen in Chayabaj or not, she has reportedly signed another film with co-star Jayed, before leaving for Kolkata.

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