Sakshi Sindwani ties the knot with beau Raghav Arora: The wedding was dreamy, we are heading to Europe for our honeymoon

Sakshi Sindwani ties the knot with beau Raghav Arora: The wedding was dreamy, we are heading to Europe for our honeymoon

In a grand celebration of love, Fashion blogger and body positivity influencer Sakshi Sindwani and her longtime beau Raghav Arora tied the knot, marking the culmination of 12 years of dating. The newlywed Sindwani shares while gushing with joy, “The festivities are still going on. It’s the day after the wedding so saare rasmein chal rahi hain abhi bhi. It’s still quite manic right now. The wedding was more than what I dreamt of honestly. It wasn’t just picture perfect, but it was perfect in terms of emotions, decor, love from people, and everything in the world.”

Sakshi Sindwani wedding Raghav Arora

Reflecting on the overwhelming experience, she tells us, “I feel extremely loved, very humbled, and it feels like literally there was an angel sitting on top of our heads the entire time. You had to be there to feel that magic, I have never experienced anything like this before,” adding, “Not just me, but every single guest who came for the wedding has told me that they have never experienced something like this before. It was completely out of this world.”

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The couple’s journey from dating for 12 years to finally tying the knot left the 28-year-old in awe. “This will be our 13th year, so it was 12 years of dating before we tied the knot. It feels surreal to finally marry the love of my life. No feeling can ever top this unreal and extraordinary feeling.”

Describing a heartwarming moment during her entry, Sindwani shares, “He was crying, bawling his eyes out. I always used to nudge him, ‘If you don’t cry when you see me at the wedding, I am going to nudge your ass’. So he was like, ‘What if I don’t cry?’ I think when we came to it, he was not crying but he was just overwhelmed with the happiness of the moment. I hadn’t even entered; I was at a distance for my pictures, and he was using tissues after tissues. That moment was just magical.”

Looking forward to their next adventure, she also spills the beans on their honeymoon plans. “We have our honeymoon plans to go to Europe, but the exact destinations are not finalized, so I cannot reveal that bit. We are adventure geeks, so it will surely be adventurous. We will have our summers in Europe as we have many weddings among our family and friends after mid-February and have to resume work as well,” the fashion blogger ends.

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