Press play, then play: Netflix’s gaming surprise offers more than just movies!

Press play, then play: Netflix’s gaming surprise offers more than just movies!

Netflix, the streaming giant with almost 250 million subscribers worldwide, is offering more than just binge-worthy series. Nestled within your subscription, there’s a gaming universe waiting to be explored, all at no additional cost. With nearly 80 games available, ranging from classics like Sonic to titles inspired by fan-favourite shows such as Love Is Blind and Narcos, the streaming service is diversifying its entertainment offerings.

FILE PHOTO: Smartphone with Netflix logo is placed on a keyboard in this illustration taken April 19, 2022. (REUTERS)

While Netflix introduced gaming options to its customers around two years ago, recent figures indicate that only 1% of subscribers are taking advantage of this feature. Despite this low uptake, Netflix remains unfazed. Co-CEO Greg Peters emphasizes their long-term approach, citing the company’s belief in the principle of ‘crawl, walk, run’ to ensure sustained success.

Netflix’s gaming initiative began in 2021 when the platform started releasing titles as standalone apps for mobile phones. The goal was to engage fans between seasons of popular shows like Stranger Things, which has been adapted into two games, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the series’ universe.

The limited popularity of Netflix gaming can be attributed to awareness and platform constraints. Many users are unaware of this gaming feature, and since three-quarters of Netflix users stream content on televisions rather than mobile devices, the gaming option is overlooked. Currently available only on smartphones, gaming on larger screens poses bandwidth challenges, hindering its expansion to TVs.

Despite these hurdles, Netflix’s gaming initiative is not entirely overlooked. Approximately 2.2 million users play one or more of Netflix’s games daily, according to Apptopia, a testament to the hidden gaming world within the streaming service.

For now, Netflix’s gaming feature remains a smartphone-exclusive experience, so while it may not replace your console, it offers an additional layer of entertainment for those in the know. And as Netflix continues to explore new avenues, including retail and sports ventures, subscribers can expect even more surprises on the horizon.

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