Park Seo Joon issues apology after refusing to wear headband from fan at Concrete Utopia screening

Park Seo Joon issues apology after refusing to wear headband from fan at Concrete Utopia screening

Actor Park Seo Joon broke his silence after he received backlash from the internet after his last public appearance at the screening of his upcoming film Concrete Utopia. It all started when someone posted about Park Seo Joon’s behaviour at the event when he refuses to wear a headband brought by a fan. After the video of the incident went viral, Park Seo Joon issued an apology note as he is ‘worried that some of (fans) might have been hurt.’ Also read: Park Seo-joon breaks silence on dating rumours with YouTuber xooos

Park Seo Joon has explained why he refused to wear a headband from a fan during the recent screening of Concrete Utopia.

Park Seo Joon reacts to headband controversy

Park Seo Joon wrote on his official fan cafe, “In truth, I sweat a lot during stage greetings. Some fans like my hair down, and some like it up, so today, I decided to put my hair up because it’s easier to wipe off my sweat that way. I sprayed a lot of hairspray in the morning and fixed my hair so firmly that it wouldn’t move even if I tried. In that state, if I put anything in my hair, it hurt my scalp a lot.”

“It may sound like an excuse, but I’m sure you know that I usually don’t hesitate to do stuff [like wear headbands]. Many people said it was probably embarrassing for Bo Young to stand there holding the headband, but I didn’t think of that item as mine. I thought it was Bo Young’s gift from Bo Young’s fan and that if I took it, they might be offended. I think there was a misunderstanding,” he added and said because of his fans, he is “not afraid of anything.”

Park Seo Joon rejects headband at screening

On Sunday, Park Seo Joon attended the screening with actor Park Bo Young who plays his love interest in the film. In the video, Park Bo Young is seen happily putting on the headband. However, when she handed one to the Dream actor, he refuses while showing gestures that he had his hair sprayed down. To this, Bo Young nodded and held onto the other headband which was prepared by the fan for Park Seo Joon.

Internet reacts to Park Seo Joon

While many took to Twitter and criticised his behaviour, a few also came out in support of the actor. One of many users wrote, “Not her offering him that cute headband and him rejecting it (joker face emoji).” “Because he says no to wearing a headband? So he’s called rude for just that? How silly, really. He can say no, respectfully,” added another user while reacting to a report on the incident. One more said, “Isn’t he the same who said women should stay at home in the kitchen?” “Are all the K-fans this obsessed with controlling every aspect of their celebrities, how pathetic kind of fan are those who want to use the celebrities as barbie dolls,” tweeted someone.

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