Music streamer elevates Twitch nudity trend with pixelation and censor bar tactics

Music streamer elevates Twitch nudity trend with pixelation and censor bar tactics

A new trend has surfaced on Twitch, where some streamers are using various methods to create the impression that they are naked on camera. One of them, a music streamer named ‘lara6683’, has taken this trend to a new level by pixelating her entire body while playing the piano live.

Twitch’s nude pixelated trend(Twitch/lara6683)

This trend started in December, when Twitch changed its guidelines to allow nudity for artistic purposes. However, this led to an influx of sexual and furry content in the art category, which prompted Twitch to reverse its decision. Despite this, some streamers continued to exploit the loophole by using censor bars to cover their bras, making it seem like they were topless.

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One of the most popular streamers who did this was Amouranth, who was able to attract thousands of viewers with her censor-bar streams. She even used physical censor bars that she held in front of her chest, rather than editing them on the screen.

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Twitch’s new meta or rule break?

However, not everyone was impressed by this tactic. Some users criticized the streamers for violating the spirit of the rules and called for Twitch to take action. In response, lara6683 decided to join the trend, but with a twist. She pixelated her whole body, giving the illusion that she was nude, while playing the piano.

She streamed on December 20, and quickly gained attention for her innovative approach. She also posted a clip of her stream on X/Twitter, with the caption “New meta has dropped.”

However, her pixelation technique may not be allowed by Twitch, as the platform’s community guidelines state that streamers are “prohibited from broadcasting or uploading content that contains depictions of real or fictional nudity” including pixelization. Several streamers who used censor bars have already been banned, and lara6683 may face the same fate.

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On the other hand, Twitch streamer Morg ‘Morgpie’ faces her sixth suspension from the platform, known for NSFW content. This latest ban, her second in December, follows controversial streams. Despite amassing 250K followers, her profile currently redirects users due to the suspension.

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