Montreal creator Pinkydoll goes viral as TikTok’s NPC sensation, cashing in big time

Montreal creator Pinkydoll goes viral as TikTok’s NPC sensation, cashing in big time

Another day, another TikTok adventure! One woman from Montreal is taking the internet by storm with her bizarre antics while cashing in on it big time! Pinkydoll, also known as Fedha Sinon, is a 27-year-old with over 750,000 followers on TikTok.

Montreal woman, Pinkydoll, gains fame on TikTok with bizarre NPC streaming trend. Fans shower her with gifts during live streams, earning her up to $3,000 per stream and $7,000 a day.(TikTok/Pinkydoll)

She’s become a sensation thanks to the latest viral trend called NPC streaming. In this trend, real people mimic video game characters known as NPCs, who mindlessly repeat actions within the game. And Pinkydoll is all in for it!

During her live streams, fans shower her with virtual gifts, cute stickers like hearts that cue her to perform various NPC-like actions. Since the fans control the show, her live streams become unpredictable and exciting! Every time fans purchase stickers as gifts during her live streams, she rakes in the cash. Some gifts cost mere cents, while others go up to hundreds of dollars.

How did Pinkydoll become the talk of the town?

Pinkydoll’s performances went viral when someone posted snippets of her live acts on Twitter, causing her popularity to gain. And she ended up getting featured in the New York Times and Rolling Stone, and even music producer Timbaland and tech mogul Elon Musk jumped on the Pinkydoll bandwagon!

How much Pinkydoll earns?

Pinkydoll revealed that she can make up to 3,000 US dollars per stream. And that’s not all; she claims she’s raking in around $7,000 a day from various platforms.

“I was just being cute,” she admitted, recalling how someone called her an NPC, and the gifts started pouring in like crazy! Now, Pinkydoll has set her sights on Hollywood. In one of her TikTok videos, she declared her grand plans, urging her fans to manifest her Hollywood dream.

Are there other creators like Pinkydoll on TikTok?

Pinkydoll isn’t the only TikToker cashing in on this NPC trend. Others, including creators from the adult site OnlyFans, have joined in on the action. There’s even a sexual undertone to some of these streams, with some critics arguing it feeds into the over-sexualization of women in gaming cultures.

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