Logan Paul accuses Dillon Danis of a ‘federal crime,’ Danis responds with ‘coward’ and ‘rat’

Logan Paul accuses Dillon Danis of a ‘federal crime,’ Danis responds with ‘coward’ and ‘rat’

Tensions escalate in the Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis feud as their October 14th showdown approaches.

Logan Paul, Dillon Danis(X(formerly Twitter)/@acrruzz1)

The ex-UFC fighter has been taunting Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, by sharing fake photos depicting her with other men. This has led to legal action from Agdal, who has obtained a restraining order against Danis and also sued him for $150,000.

Logan and Danis recently faced each other for the first time since the fight was announced in a head-to-head for DAZN.

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However, Logan claimed that there was a lot of footage that was cut out at Danis’ request, because he allegedly admitted to a federal crime during the interview.

The YouTuber-turned-wrestler shared an Instagram story on September 20, saying that he had watched the face-to-face and noticed that about “10 minutes” of footage were missing. He said that he wanted to show that footage, but Danis had asked for it to be removed because he had confessed to a federal crime.

Danis responded to that claim by calling Logan a “coward” and a “rat” for involving the law in their beef.

“Translation: Predator commits federal crime in pursuit of stalking and harassing woman he’s never met & is upset he’s held accountable,” Logan replied to that on his imPaulsive podcast.

Danis came back at him a few hours later, denying that he had committed any federal crime and accusing Logan of lying and being manipulated by his fiancee.

“No federal crime has been committed. You’re just listening to the lies of your fiancée in order to save her self-image. Everything is public, and I will prove that. It’s not my fault you didn’t Google her name before you put a ring on that Th*t,” he tweeted.

The lawsuit filed by Nina could put the fight in jeopardy, so Logan has lined up another former UFC fighter, ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry, as a backup option.

But, it is still unclear if that will be necessary.

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