‘Lets run this s**t up,’ YourRAGE after signing  million deal with Kick and Faze Clan

‘Lets run this s**t up,’ YourRAGE after signing $75 million deal with Kick and Faze Clan

Josh ‘YourRage’, the former Twitch streamer who gained immense popularity in the streaming community, has made two big announcements in his career.


He has signed a 2-year contract with Kick, a new streaming platform owned by Stake.com, and joined Faze Clan, an eSports organization, as a content creator.

The 25-year-old revealed this news on Twitter with a video and a caption that said “Change is coming.”

YourRage is one of the many streamers who have switched to Kick recently, following the likes of FouseyTube, who also got a multi-million dollar deal from the company.

Kick offers a higher revenue share and a generous amount of money to streamers who agree to stream exclusively on their platform for a certain period. YourRage reportedly received a whopping $75 million for 2 years of streaming on Kick.

He expressed his excitement and enthusiasm on Twitter, replying to Kick’s tweet that welcomed him to the community with “LETS RUN DIS S**T UP“. He also changed his name to ‘FAZE YRG’ to reflect his affiliation with Faze Clan, one of the most prominent eSports organizations in the world.

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YourRage’s decision to join Kick was influenced by another streamer, ‘DestroyNectar’, who told him about the lucrative offer from Kick and the chance to meet Drake. YourRage responded by saying “Yo these ns rizzin me up, I’m outta here nI got a decision to make, I appreciate y’all though”

YourRage also shared some sad news with his fans on Tuesday, posting a heartfelt message about his dog Lucky’s death. He wrote “RIP Lucky. My best friend. 11 years. Gon miss my dawg forever❤️🐶”

Kick is known for its lenient policies, which allow streamers more freedom and creativity in their content. This will enable YourRage to entertain his fans with his comedic and engaging personality on the platform. YourRage’s popularity soared when he collaborated with Kai Cenat, another popular streamer, and became mainstream.

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