Lee Min Ho’s latest appearance in Thailand sparks online debate: ‘What’s wrong if he gained some weight?’

Lee Min Ho’s latest appearance in Thailand sparks online debate: ‘What’s wrong if he gained some weight?’

Korean actor Lee Min Ho‘s latest public appearance has left internet divided. While many appreciated the actor’s weight gain, a few seemed surprise. Lee Min Ho was visiting Thailand for an event, when his look grabbed attention. Also read: Lee Min-ho greets fans with folded hands as he joins Squid Game stars at LACMA Gala 2021

Lee Min Ho recently attended an event in Thailand. (pic: Twitter)(Twitter)

Lee Min Ho’s recent appearance

Lee Min Ho was the chief guest and speaker at the Merz Aesthetic Expo in Thailand. At the event, he spoke about confidence and individuality. For the main event, the actor sported an all-white suit.

He smiled and waved at a sea of fans that crowded the venue to catch a glimpse of the actor. Several videos from the event show him greeting and shaking hands with fans. He also thanked them as they kept screaming his name.

Internet reacts to Lee Min Ho’s look

Reacting to Lee Min Ho’s appearance, several reports began doing the rounds. Responding to reports and other people’s negative opinion, someone on Twitter (now X) wrote, “Yesterday hating Lee Min Ho because he gained some weight. Today hating Park Seo Jun because he didn’t wear a headband… Are you guys alright? You want to hate someone, just hate him. There is no need for trivial reasons like this.”

“It’s my first time seeing Lee Min Ho gain weight. He always takes extreme care of himself????????????? That literally looks like a man taking extreme care of himself,” added another. One more said, “What is wrong if he gained some weight, it is not something illegal, let Lee Min Ho live his life as he want!” Someone also took a dig at those criticising the actor and shared, “He couldn’t care less about some bitter Knetz (Korean social media users) bullies because he is booked, busy and loved like no one else.”

Upcoming projects

The actor was last seen in the Pachinko series, which officially marked his Hollywood debut. Lee Min Ho will be next seen in Ask The Stars. Earlier this year in February, he had posted on Instagram that he had wrapped up the shoot.

Written by Seo Sook-hyang and directed by Park Shin-woo, Ask The Stars also has actor Gong Hyo Jin. The story revolves around the encounter of a space-tourist and an astronaut at a space station.

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