Kannada actor Darshan apologises to media after 2 years of ban due to viral audio

Kannada actor Darshan apologises to media after 2 years of ban due to viral audio

Actor Darshan Thoogudeepa on Friday extended an apology letter to media, regarding his old feud with the media. He was banned by the media in Karnataka for two years after his speech went viral. On the occasion of the Varamahalakshmi festival, Darshan reviewed his past and requested to end the matter. Also read: King Of Kotha box office collection day 1

Kannada actor Darshan wants to settle feud with media.(Twitter/dasadarshan)

Darshan Thoogudeepa on Twitter

He wrote, “Happy Varamahalakshmi to all the people of Karnataka, my celebrities and senior journalists, media friends. For the last two years, there was a rift between me and Kannada media friends. On the eve of this Varalakshmi festival, a discussion was held between me and the editors of major Kannada media under the leadership of my friend Rockline Venkatesh and the whole case ended happily.”

“A few years back an audio of mine went viral unintentionally and caused a whole controversy. It was a response to a man’s words in some dire hour. It was not a joke about other media personalities. I don’t know with what malice that person did but may that person be well and may that person not repeat such malice in the future,” he added.

The actor continued and said that he isn’t ashamed to apologise. “However, there is nothing wrong in apologizing to the elders of the media if they are hurt by such words. Let the fourth arm of democracy, the media, be forgiven for this untoward incident. A good society needs good media. I also have respect for the media. My growth in the film industry is also due to the media’s loving promotion. Let us all forget the past bitter incidents and move forward. Let’s work together for the progress of Kannada, Kannadigas, Kannada Nela Jal, Kannada cinema. Let there be love. I hope my beloved celebrities respect my sentiments,” he concluded.

Darshan Thoogudeepa controversy

It all began when an audio of Darshan went viral on social media. It was a conversation between him and a media member where the actor was heard yelling at someone and even cursing the person.

Earlier this year, Darshan was in the news after rumours of him joining the Bharatiya Janata Party started doing rounds on the internet. After Kichcha Sudeep, he was seen campaigning for the party, ahead of the Karnataka Assembly Election.

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