IShowSpeed’s mysterious TikTok ban leaves fans puzzled, what led to the streamer’s sudden suspension?

IShowSpeed’s mysterious TikTok ban leaves fans puzzled, what led to the streamer’s sudden suspension?

IShowSpeed has experienced a significant surge in popularity, amassing millions of subscribers across various social media platforms such as YouTube, Rumble, and TikTok over the years. His YouTube live streams have consistently attracted a substantial viewership, surpassing figures like Dr. Disrespect and Ludwig in the past year.

Banned from TikTok Live: IShowSpeed’s Unexpected Suspension Leaves Fans and Creators Alike Wondering Why?”(novahmu/Twitter.X)(Twitter.X)

However, during one of his TikTok Live appearances as a guest alongside another streamer, an unexpected ban was suddenly imposed on Speed. While engaged in a conversation with a female creator, he inquired about her preference between two soccer stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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As she began to respond, Speed was abruptly removed from the live session. His subsequent attempts to rejoin were met with the realization that he had been banned.

Speed expressed his concerns, wondering about the reason behind it. He said, “Hold on, what? What? How did I get banned?” He clarified that he had not engaged in any inappropriate behaviour during the interaction, unlike the last time he went on to get called “Ishowmeat” for his unintentional flashing incident.

For those unaware of the “Ishowmeat” incident on August 16, 2023, the streamer accidentally exposed himself to his audience during a YouTube livestream. The incident garnered considerable attention, even leading to his own father creating a music video about the mishap.

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Why was IShowSpeed banned?


Upon checking the notification detailing the ban, Speed discovered that it was attributed to “sexual activity and services.” Additionally, it indicated that he would no longer have the ability to go live on the platform, implying a permanent ban.

In response to this, Speed decided to file an appeal, and the outcome of this appeal remains pending. We will need to wait and see whether Speed will regain access to TikTok Live in the future.

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