Internet’s favourite dog, Olivia dies at 8 after a kidney emergency, fans bid emotional farewell

Internet’s favourite dog, Olivia dies at 8 after a kidney emergency, fans bid emotional farewell


In a deeply emotional and heart-wrenching moment for fans of ‘Hammy and Olivia,’ Olivia the Corgi has passed away. The news was confirmed by her owner, Chris, who shared an emotional video on Wednesday. Chris broke down into tears as he informed followers about Olivia’s recent health emergency.

Hammy and Olivia(Instagram)
Hammy and Olivia(Instagram)

Famous corgi Olivia passes away

Chris explains in the video that he and his partner, Sarah, had to make the tough choice to put Olivia down since she was unable to empty her kidneys and they could not see her struggling and suffering in pain.”We just didn’t want her to suffer.”

Olivia was just 8 when the news of her death started making rounds on social media. “We are crushed. She was my best friend. If you have a pet, please give it a big hug. It is a day you always know is coming but you are never prepared for it.” said shattered Chris.

More about Hammy and Olivia

Olivia and Hammy gained popularity on the internet in 2020. The duo soon became a sensation worldwide owing to their humorous videos. They attracted attention by dressing up in fancy costumes and taking part in comedic sketches—often with their cat buddies. In addition to impressing viewers on the internet, these entertaining clips also had the dog squad, Chris, and Sarah appear on various TV shows including Access Hollywood and several other shows.

Fans were devastated by the unexpected information and expressed their condolences for Olivia on social media. A user wrote “Found out this morning that Olivia, from Hammy & Olivia crossed the rainbow bridge. Absolutely devastated. Run free, sweet Olivia.”, others said “Some days are real sad and you gotta take extra good care of your hoomans.Today’s been one of those days.Hammyandolivia have had a special place in our family’s heart since the beginning of the pandemic. We can’t believe Olivia is gone. She taught us how to corgi.”, There aren’t many things on TikTok that I look forward to seeing. But Hammy & Olivia Corgi is an account that always left a smile on my face. I can’t even tell you the name of their owner, but I know he cared very much for all of his animals. Sadly, today, he posted on TikTok…


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