Ghost trailer: Dr Shivarajkumar promises rivers of blood in violent heist movie. Watch

Ghost trailer: Dr Shivarajkumar promises rivers of blood in violent heist movie. Watch

The trailer of the much-awaited film Ghost has been released, not just in Kannada but also in Telugu. In it, superstar Shivarajkumar, who is usually seen in Sandalwood, takes on the role of a gangster and declares, “This is not a tale of building an empire, but of bringing it to ruins.”

Dr Shivarajkumar plays a mercenary in Ghost.

Shivarajkumar’s fierce appearance in the trailer has left the audience thrilled, and fans are calling it “fire.” The trailer begins with a message urging viewers to wear headphones for the best experience. Shivarajkumar’s powerful line, “War, the downfall of the human world, is more terrifying than the empires we’ve built. Empires may fade from history, but I’ve never forgotten those who brought destruction upon them,” sets the tone right from the start.

The trailer features an intense entry scene by Shivarajkumar, with all the inmates in jail bowing their heads before him. He sports a rugged look, smoking a cigarette amidst raging flames. Following this, a plot is hatched for a hijacking.

The trailer’s background music is quite attractive too and apart from the gangster elements, Shivarajkumar’s fierce look is also getting attention. He appears in a black coat, reminiscent of the old gangster era.

The trailer for Ghost has received numerous reactions. One comment reads, “Everyone loves Shivarajkumar, and this trailer shows why.” Another says, “Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood – wherever you go, today, Sandalwood rules, and this trailer is on fire.” Comments flooded the Kannada trailer, as well as the Telugu and Tamil versions, with everyone hailing it as a superhit.

October 19 marks the worldwide release of Ghost, directed by Srini. Satellite and digital rights for this film have been sold for a substantial amount. Pen Studios, which has distributed several superhit films like RRR and Jawan, has acquired the distribution rights for Ghost. Anupam Kher, Jayaram, Prashanth Narayanan, Archana Jois, Satyaprakash and Dattanna are also part of the film’s main cast.

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