Dillon Danis exposes private DM from user, sharing disturibing news about YouTuber Logan the Maverick Paul

Dillon Danis exposes private DM from user, sharing disturibing news about YouTuber Logan the Maverick Paul

As the buildup to the Paul-Danis fight progresses, Bellator fighter Dillon Danis takes a step back from throwing the ‘Nina Agdal card’ at Logan Paul and has currently found a tantrum to throw at the YouTuber.

Logan Paul, Dillon Danis(X(formerly Twitter)/@acrruzz1)

In a tweet shared by Dillon, he shares a screenshot of a message that was taken on Instagram from a user called Chris Stryker. The message showcased some disturbing news about the Paul brothers. The message emphasized how Logan was a “sh*t talker* and also touched upon some disturbing news about the YouTuber’s high school days.

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The user messaged, saying, “Yo it’s absolutely hilarious how much sh*t Roid Paul talks while having his replies shut off lmao”

The message spoke about Logan’s incest and c**khold fantasies growing up and later mentioned how the entire Paul family is just oddly weird in that regard. The user wrote, “I had a cousin that went to high school with him and his brother, and she told me about how they were into weird ass taboo incest sh*t at parties they’d go to, and Logan himself had a major c*ckh**ld fetish back then and would brag about letting his brother bang his high school girlfriend in front of him while he j*rks off to it. That entire family is f*ckin weird, man lol.”

The screenshot showed it was still under request, and Dillon had not accepted the message, nor did he have any connection to the user in the possibility of this being false information.

The beef does seem to be getting real after Logan’s last accusation of Dillon, where he stated the press conference was rigged and Dillon had specially asked Dazn for what parts they had to cut out to make him look bad.

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Logan also mentioned in the video that he would be sharing the original clip of the press conference soon.

However, the hype surrounding the Paul-Danis has been splendid, and people are still questioning whether the fight would still take place considering the recent law suit filed by Logan’s fiance Nina has no hindrance to the event.

In a recent stream hosted by Adin Ross along with Dillon Danis and Andrew Tate, Dillon was asked whether he was still going to fight with the lawsuits being filed against him, to which Dillon replied, “We’re supposed to, yeah, but what’s the point of this? There is a lawsuit every single day. I got to go train in the gym; I have to sign so many papers. Now I’m getting swatted all the time. It’s an easy fight, though I don’t mind.”

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