Barstool’s Dave Portnoy indulges in a heated interaction with pizzeria owner during pizza review

Barstool’s Dave Portnoy indulges in a heated interaction with pizzeria owner during pizza review

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy’s pizza reviews turned into a hot mess when a pizzeria owner confronted him during a review, which then led to a heated exchange between the two. The recent incident has only helped make Dave’s way further into the spotlight.

Pizza Review Turns Heated: Dave Portnoy and Pizzeria Owner Clash!(Twitter)

Since relocating to New York City in 2017, Portnoy has embarked on a culinary journey, visiting various pizzerias and sharing video reviews of their experiences on a daily basis.

His “One Bite” brand, born from the success of these video reviews, has expanded to include an app and frozen pizza products.

While Portnoy’s pizza reviews often feature entertaining celebrity guests and enjoyable content, his visit to Dragon Pizza in Somerville, Massachusetts, took an unexpected turn.

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As he was in the midst of reviewing the pizza, the owner of Dragon Pizza made his way through the restaurant and directed his frustration at Dave. The situation escalated into a heated verbal exchange.

The clip of the quarrel quickly spread across the internet, generating enormous attention across social media. In the video, Portnoy gave Dragon Pizza a modest score of 6.4.

He expressed the problems he had with his meal and its texture, describing it as overly floppy, and also criticized the parmesan flavor.

The confrontation escalated all the more when the pizza shop owner confronted Portnoy, accusing him of negatively impacting small businesses by passing judgment based on just one bite of their products.

The people passing by who recognized Dave Portnoy went on to defend the Bar Stool founder and made statements by approaching him and mentioning “how great it is to see him stand up for himself.”

Portnoy responded to the owner’s criticism by playfully ridiculing his attire, particularly his small T-shirt. The situation escalated when the owner threatened to involve the police, citing Portnoy’s review being conducted on the sidewalk outside the store.

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After the major buzz that was brought to Dragon Kitchen’s reputation, which was clearly not on a positive note, it is only likely to make a comeback if Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay looks at this as an opportunity to make his way through featuring Dragon’s Kitchen on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

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