Awkward! Fan asks Sneako about Sara Saffari in front of his GF Maya

Awkward! Fan asks Sneako about Sara Saffari in front of his GF Maya


Sneako recently transitioned from exclusively uploading gaming content to posting IRL streams and reaction videos. He can be seen on his IRL streams exploring different parts of America alongside his friend Rangesh Mutama, famously known as N3on and his girlfriend Maya. However, Sneako constantly faces criticism on social media for allegedly spreading hate and negativity towards women, raising concerns about his influence on younger audiences.

When Fans Create Unexpected Drama: Sneako's Love Life Unveiled on IRL Stream. (sneako/Instagram,n3onsingh/Instagram,sarasaffari__/Instagram,_maria_elizondo/Instagram)(Instagran)
When Fans Create Unexpected Drama: Sneako’s Love Life Unveiled on IRL Stream. (sneako/Instagram,n3onsingh/Instagram,sarasaffari__/Instagram,_maria_elizondo/Instagram)(Instagran)

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The streamer, who has been romantically involved with different women in the past is currently dating Maya, a Miami native, who often appears on his streams.

During one of Sneako’s IRL streams with N3on and Maya, the trio had stopped to get some food when two of their fans approached them for a photo. Initially, the interaction seemed pleasant.

However, things took an awkward turn when one of the fans asked about Sneako’s relationship with Sara. Confused by the name, Sneako asked for clarification. The situation escalated when the fan repeated the name “Sara Saffari.”

Sneako was taken aback, and N3on burst into laughter. Sneako pointed at Maya, attempting to clarify the misunderstanding. The fan quickly realized his mistake and apologized, expressing embarrassment and asking if he had missed anything important.

Maya, although taken aback by the comment, reassured the fan that he hadn’t missed anything.

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The other fan also apologized for the inappropriate question, and Sneako suggested they take a photo together. N3on humorously speculated that the fan might have been under the influence of substances, given the misunderstanding.

The fan eventually took photos with both Sneako and N3on, with Sneako playfully suggesting they tease him about N3on’s girlfriend.

Online, many netizens criticized the fan for persisting with the question even after Sneako pointed at Maya. Some were confused about Sneako’s relationship status, while others made humorous comments suggesting he should date both Sara and Maya.


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