Adin Ross breaks silence on alleged sex tape leak, says ‘that’s not me’

Adin Ross breaks silence on alleged sex tape leak, says ‘that’s not me’


Adin Ross is one of the most famous streamers of all time. The 23-year-old internet personality is known for his IRL streams on Kick. After making headlines for testing the durability of his Tesla Cybertruck in bizarre ways, Ross is back in the limelight. But for another reason. Just days after an X-rated video of Drake went viral, Ross also fell victim to an alleged sex tape leak.

Adin Ross denies that the viral leaked sex tape was his
Adin Ross denies that the viral leaked sex tape was his

‘That wasn’t me’, Adin Ross asserts

In a recent Kick stream, Ross broke his silence over the alleged sex tape that was claimed to be his. Addressing his livestream audience, Ross said, “Hey chat, that wasn’t me that leak. That’s not my sex tape you f**king weird ass fa***ot ass motherf**ker! No, that’s not me, bro.”

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However, fans were in disbelief that it wasn’t Ross in the clip. Soon after he denied that the leaked tape was his, fans flocked to share their views. One fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “That’s definitely Adin Ross.” One more said, “Tip… if you start to become famous or make money… don’t record your sex.”

Adin Ross addresses breakup with Demisux

This comes after Ross’ break up with fellow streamer Demisux. The duo broke up shortly after making their relationship public in January. Many speculated that Demisux cheated on him while they were dating. Ever since the news about their breakup went viral, fans flooded Ross’ livestream comment section with various rumours and questions.

During one of his Kick streams, Ross explained that he won’t date anyone without “money and a name.” On February 14, Ross told his audience, “I’m not getting in a relationship for a very long time, for a very very very long time. Do you know why? Because at this point in my life there is nothing that is going to be real.”

He continued, “There is nothing that is going to be real out of it, I am grinding right now unless I date someone with, money and a name. That’s facts. I’m sorry, but that is just the truth, it is impossible, it’s impossible.”

“There is no shots fired to anybody bro, I can’t date anybody, I’m not allowed, at this point in my life, no point, no f**king point. Unless the person, literally, has money and followers,” Ross added.


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